Best way to learn (or document) a solution written by other programmers?


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Sep 2, 2015
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I'm new to c# but need to support a solution written by other programmers. There is little in the way of documentation.

The solution comprises of several projects: some are Windows Applications and some are Class Libraries. The system is essentially Web Forms-based ASP.NET with some other functionalities (i.e. it's a website with some companion services). There is WebAPI functionality included.

The website and functionality is not too big from a user's perspective but the solution is deep in terms of the way it's written. By deep I mean that reusable code is at it's core and User Controls have been created. Therefore there are layers of classes across multiple projects and this makes troubleshooting a particular webpage or part of a webpage difficult (as mentioned I am not too experienced in c#, Web Forms and Visual Studio).

I would appreciate any tips on how to "get into" the solution and work out how everything fits together. I'm aware of the ARCHITECTURE TAB and the "Generate Dependency Graph" option so maybe that's somewhere to start? Perhaps there are third party tools out there that will auto-document the solution and allow me to quckly and easily see what lies behind a webpage and how to home in on its constituent parts.



Aug 30, 2015
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Can you reply with the code so we can look? You can change names of variables or connections that might be for internal use only.

Maybe members of the form can help. I would describe what you understand and where you're lost and what steps you have taken so far.
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