Question Best way to move from Web based to Native Application


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Aug 26, 2014
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I have been working on C# web based projects for the last few years. Now I have been requested to do a Native windows application. I haven't been trained in the same and I haven't attempted it as well. How difficult would it be for me to learn Native application development ? What learning resources/ways would you people recommend for me?

Thanks in advance :)
It depends on exactly what you mean by "native". Presumably you just mean Windows rather than web. In that case, the bulk of the programming will be exactly the same in a well-designed app. Data access and business logic layers will not change. In fact, one of the main reasons for separating them out into their own layers si exactly so that you can use any UI layer you want on top of them.

If you've been using Web Forms then Windows Forms will be the easiest option for you. Web Forms was designed to work as much like WinForms as a web framework could. If you've been using MVC, you should probably look at WPF with MVVM. The ViewModel in MVVM is something like the Controller in MVC and XAML is something like HTML.
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