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Jul 2, 2019
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hi All

I have created and published my first application using windows forms but when i try and run the .exe on my target server it attemps to download files but errors as the VM has no interent access. I downloaded .net to the VM but still getting the error


Any ideas on how to get around this please ?
Gee, if only the error dialogue gave you a URL you could follow to see what it was trying to download and directed you to a log file that that contained more information. Well, I guess that that didn't happen so there's nothing you can do.
I wouldn't. Because I don't use click once.

You don't want my advice if you're using click once.

I use my own custom built updater.
The Chrome installer uses ClickOnce... Or more like, it uses part of the ClickOnce infrastructure to get itself bootstrapped enough to start doing its own custom install.

But yes, unless you are in control of the network as admin of company's network and Active Directory domain, then ClickOnce becomes an exercise in frustration trying to publish code to multiple desktops.
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