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May 16, 2017
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Hey everyone. I am wanting to build an Emoji (Keyboard) app for Android/iOS with VS2017. I have 100+ emojis I made and want to use them on my phone as well as put it on the app stores for others. But honestly have no idea where to start, I assume it is a fairly simple application. Is there a pre-built template? A guide? A better software to use? I checked online and couldn't really find anything.

Thanks in Advance!
Hi There,

I suggest you to go with PhoneGap or Xamarin. You can make cross plateform app by this.

If you want to invest this is the best becuase you will get app in Android, IOS, Windows

If you want to develop app by own. then PhoneGap is easy to learn. For Android Studio you must has knowledge of Core Java.


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