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May 28, 2013
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[h=2]GemBox.Document is a C# / VB.NET Word component for easy and efficient Word document processing in .NET without Microsoft Word.
GemBox.Document 2.1 supports reading DOCX and HTML formats and writing, creating and converting to DOCX, PDF, XPS, HTML and image formats.

GemBox.Document has following advantages:[/h]

GemBox.Document common uses:

[h=2]Free mode[/h]You can download GemBox.Document Free setup and evaluate GemBox.Document free of charge and for an unlimited time period. Free version is limited to 20 paragraphs.
[h=2]Trial mode[/h]To evaluate beyond the first 20 paragraphs, handle ComponentInfo.FreeLimitReached event and set theFreeLimitEventArgs.FreeLimitReachedAction to FreeLimitReachedAction.ContinueAsTrial, as in this following code snippet:

// Set license key to use GemBox.Document in a Free mode. 
// Continue to use the component in a Trial mode when free limit is reached. 
ComponentInfo.FreeLimitReached += 
    (sender, e) => e.FreeLimitReachedAction = FreeLimitReachedAction.ContinueAsTrial; 
// Here goes your application specific code.

' Set license key to use GemBox.Document in a Free mode. 
' Continue to use the component in a Trial mode when free limit is reached.  
AddHandler ComponentInfo.FreeLimitReached, 
    Sub(sender, e) e.FreeLimitReachedAction = FreeLimitReachedAction.ContinueAsTrial 
' Note: Single-line Sub Lambdas are supported from Visual Basic 10 compiler. 
' See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff637436.aspx#code-snippet-5  
' If you are using Visual Basic 9 or older Visual Basic compiler, 
' then you must extract event handler to a method and assign it as an event handler.  
' Here goes your application specific code.

This option will enable you to read / write entire document content, with the following limitations imposed after the first 20 paragraphs:

  • When loading a document - random parts of document text will be replaced with string TRIAL.
  • When saving a document - promotional header will be added to every document page and will replace any existing header.

For more information, see GemBox.Document Evaluation help page.
[h=2]Professional mode[/h]If you want to use the component in a professional mode ? without any limitations ? you need to purchase the license key. For more information about evaluation and licensing, see here.

We hope GemBox.Document will improve developer's productivity and functionality & efficiency of document processing / reporting applications.
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