Certification in MCPD


Mar 23, 2014
Programming Experience

I am from India and I have done a small 2-3 month C#.net course. I dont have any programming background or any programming certification apart from this course. I am an Arts graduate. But I am willing to pursue my career in software development. I really love programming and want to do certification in MCPD C#.

I just wants to know:

  1. Is there any prior certification is required before giving MCPD exam for C#?
  2. What is the exam fee?
  3. How they actually conduct exam? An online test or some exam center?
  4. How often I can give exam for certification in a year?

Please provide this information and any recommended exam which I should do before putting my hand over MCPD and some info about that course. I would be extremely thankful to you.
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