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Aug 20, 2017
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Hey guys! Today I was given the task to make a translator for an IOS and Andriod app using C#. I have to make something that would change the language of the whole app if the mobile device supports it. Like, it would change all the labels, titles, and etc. Can someone here point me in the right direction of where I could research that type of function for my app? Also, please do not take this as me asking for someone to feed me my code. I am just looking for some advice from some more experienced coders, as this is me trying to learn. Being fed code would not benefit me at all. Thank you guys! :p
In general, you would look into Globalization (making your app able to support multiple languages) and Localization (making your app support a specific language). I've never done it but, as far as I understand, you build your app to use resources for text in the UI and then you create a DLL containing the resources for each culture you want to support. If you're creating a C# app for iOS and Android then I assume that that means using Xamarin and I'm not sure whether G&L works exactly the same there or not.
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