compare data between two Acess database

Abdoul Rahim

Oct 16, 2017
Programming Experience
I have a Window form with two datagridview and two buttons. When i click on the buttton, a dialog window open so that i can select an access database file and populate a particular table in database to the datagridview. I have the idear but Cannot implement it on code. Please i need your help. Thank
You're saying that you don't know how to retrieve data from Access and display it in a DataGridView? I'm quite sure that there are plenty of examples around of both those things. Maybe you should show us what you tried and explain how the result didn't match your expectations. For all we know, you're already 99% of the way there so our providing another example of something you could easily find on the web may be a complete waste of time. The best course of action is to address your specific mistake(s) so you learn how to not make similar ones again in future.
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