Question Comunicating between two C# programs


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May 23, 2013
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Hi guys,
I'm not very familiar with C# and I need some help.
I want to make a multitouch system for windows 7 with a wiimote and two gloves with IR leds. The leds are 2 on each glove and are always on. On each glove, one is on the thumb and one on the index. When they are brought together, the program registers a click and a finger tap action is made (or left click).
My problem is, i have two c# programs.
One is this one Two-Handed Interaction in Open Space - YouTube that has the click system, but on their own app.
The other one is Wiimote TUIO Windows 7 MultiTouch - YouTube, or WIITUIO. This one installs a multitouch dirver in windows and uses two IR pens, a wiimote and a projector.
My project is a mix of these two, i will use the system from the first one, and the apps from the second one.
The problem is I don't know how to make these two programs interact.
Both codes are here
Any help is appreciated, thanks ;)
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