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May 9, 2018
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Hello all,

I am new to programming. I have taken a 4 classes on Udemy and continue to study. I am wanting to do real world projects that in particular would be useful at my current job. I found a project I can work on, without having to get access to my companies database (as that would require a lot of work).

The project I want to do is connect to ADS web service, which is basically a web service that returns vehicle elements and data. My goal is to use C# to make calls to the web service and return the results eventually to a local host webpage, so that the data can be scraped with another tool.

My problem is I am not quite sure how to set up my credentials to the web service. I have read quite a few articles today from Microsoft on how to add a reference etc... I am able to do all that, however I am unsure as to how to get started with adding my credentials and then working on my code to make the calls.

Are there any concise documents that take you step by step in connecting to a web service that takes credentials? I was thinking perhaps I need to create tokens or something else with my username and password.

I can connect to the service in Soap UI, but my goal with this project is to give myself more real world knowledge of using C# (eventually I will want to become a programmer). So far I have only done some console projects and web forms.

Thank You

BTW I am using Visual Studios 2017 and I have Resharper.
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