Question Controlling the tabs withing a tab group


Dec 18, 2012
Programming Experience
I know this will seem like a silly question but if I want to control the tabs within a tab control group say by selecting a radial button in tab1 to open tab2 what would be the best way to do that through a click event? Thanks ahead of time.
You're obviously somewhat confused and you're propagating that confusion to us. I asked whether you're talking about a WPF TabControl and you say that yes you are, but then you say that you're talking about a WPF TabControl. It can't be both. Either its WPF or its Windows Forms. Given that the WPF TabControl has grouping functionality and the Windows Forms TabControl doesn't, either you are using a WPF TabControl or you're using completely incorrect terminology. We can't answer your question if you can't provide accurate information. Did you create a Windows Forms project or a WPF project. If it's Windows Forms, what is this "group" you're talking about, or did you just make that up?
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