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Nov 13, 2012
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I have the following questions in regards to converting a C# 2008 appliation that is currently executed as a dll and now I want to change the program so that is executed as an api. I have the following comments to make which are:

1. This program was originally setup as a console application, but I changed the application so that it would compile and run as a windows form application. I made the changed since I wanted to save all the output messages that were originally written to Dos popup windows to saved to log files for research and deubgging purposes.

2. This application has 4 project files. Two of the project files are class libraries and two of the project files are window form applications that I converted from a console project files to window form proejct files.

3.One of the windows form project files is the 'driver' of the application. I would like to add a 'gui' interface to the application so the user can enter data that can be utilized by the 'driver' project file.

I have the following questions I would like to ask which include the following:

1. From what I described above, would you tell me what I need to do to convert the application I listed above from being executed as a dll and execute it as api? Is there any special considerations I need to take into consideration? Can you show me code and/or point be to a reference I can utilize to accomplish my goal?

2. Would it be better to make the 'gui' interface where the user enters data a desktop or web forms application? Can you tell me why one method would be better than another method would be?
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