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Feb 3, 2016
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WEll i have an excel file that i want to read and display in datagridview and i managed to finish that, now im asking for some help with the part to export the data to a SQL database...

can someone show me an easy example how to export that data to sql?

this is how i got it from excel to datagridview:
public void importExcel(string path, string sheetName) {
            var excel = new LinqToExcel.ExcelQueryFactory(path);
            excel.ReadOnly = true;
            var companies = from a in excel.Worksheet(sheetName) select a;
            var columnNames = excel.GetColumnNames(sheetName);

            DataTable dtExcelRecords = new DataTable();

            foreach (var columnName in columnNames)
            foreach (var row in companies)
                DataRow dr = dtExcelRecords.NewRow();
                foreach (var columnName in columnNames)
                    dr[columnName] = row[columnName];
            dataGWlist.DataSource = dtExcelRecords;

i know i ahve to make the sql connection etc,
but the question is can i read throught the excel file directly and upload data or do i have to save it to an array or something and then manually insert each row/cell ?

right now i have something like this:
DataContext db = new DataContext(@""+connection);

 Monitoring monitor = new Monitoring();

            string[] arrayAddr = new string[dataGWseznam.Rows.Count];
            for (int i = 0; i < stCol; i++)
                arrayAddr[i] = Convert.ToString(dataGWseznam.Columns[i].HeaderText);


 int colcount=dataGWseznam.Columns.Count;
            int rowcount=dataGWseznam.Columns.Count;
            string[,] array2D = new string[rowcount, colcount];
            for (int x = 0; x < colcount; x++)
                for (int i = 0; i < rowcount; i++)
                    array2D[x, i] = Convert.ToString(dataGWseznam.Rows[x].Cells[i].Value);
                    db.ExecuteCommand("INSERT into Monitoring ("+arrayAddr[x]+") VALUES ('" + array2D[x, i] + "');");
                    //string msg = string.Format("{0} ", array2D[x, i]);

                //Save changes to Database.

            lblStatusSql.Text = "Finished";
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