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Aug 16, 2019
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I am required to write a
create a C# Console Application that can permit a user to select the forms in which he/she would like to input a date. Program must use the values that the user inputs to calculate and output the date in the format Date Month-Name/ Year the user can choose to input :

- input any day of the year (1-365) and the current year
- input the month number , date and current year

Inputs must be executed in the main method and the program must contain 2 versions of the method PrintDate(). Each method uses one of the respective sets of input values passed from main to calculate and output the date in the format DD Month Year

E.g if user chooses the first option of date input and inputs 33 and 2019 then program should output 2 February 2019

If user chooses second option and inputs 12,3,2019 then program should output 12 March 2019
Okay. So what have you done so far? What you have thought about and/or investigated?

Or are you just expecting people here to do your homework for you?
Simply posting your homework assignment is not enough. It would be cheating for us to do it for you and it's potentially a waste of time for us to explain what it all means if you already understand some of it. You wouldn't be given this assignment if you hadn't been taught at least most of what you need to do it so, if you're stuck, the first step is to look back over your notes or text book or whatever other materials you have to make sure you understand what you have learned. If there's something important that you don;t understand, ask about that specifically. You then need to do as much as you can for yourself first. You should break the problem down into parts and then you can tackle each part independently. You may be able to complete one or more parts without being able to complete parts they depend on, so complete everything you can. When you run into an actual issue, ask about that specifically, providing all the information relevant to that issue, e.g. code you've written, data in use and error messages generated.
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