Delete specific rows and columns from excel


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Jan 27, 2014
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Hi guys,

What I have:
I have an excel file which looks like this and I put data in it in a set of 10. This implies I put a particular amount of data For example in Header1 to Header10 and some other kind of data in header 11 to header20 and so on. (I have ATTACHED the file)

What I want
I wand to delete all the columns in a set of 10 if it contains only "s". (Example: I want to delete Header11 to Header20, all rows). However, I do not want to delete any other set of 10 columns which contains any other combinations with "s" (for example I do not want to delete headers 21 to 30 all rows, since it also contains blaa in it).

Can any one please help?


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