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Apr 5, 2012
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pls how can i deploy a database application with microsoft access using visual studio 2010
The fact that it's a database application using Access is fairly irrelevant because it doesn't affect how the application is deployed. So that begs the question: do you know how to deploy an application without a database? You have two choices in VS: you can publish your project to create a ClickOnce installer or you can add a Setup project to your solution. There's information about both in the MSDN Library so you should do some reading on the subject and then post back with specific questions. Note that C# Express only supports ClickOnce.

clickonce deployment - MSDN Search
setup project - MSDN Search
yes i know how to deploy without software. after i deploy the application it showed me error message that it can't find the microsoft access file in a particular what am asking is how do i include the file into the application
If by "deploy without software" you mean what is commonly termed XCOPY deployment, i.e. you simply copy the files onto the user's machine using Windows Explorer, then you simply copy the Access data file that way too. If the application couldn't find the data file in the location it looked at then either:

1. you didn't deploy the data file; or
2. you deployed the data file to the wrong place; or
3. the application is looking for the data file in the wrong place.

Which is it?
Then that would imply that your connection string is wrong. What does your connection string look like? Is it stored in your config file or is it hard-coded into the app.
Well, the value you have in the config file is obviously wrong but, as you failed to show me what it looks like when I specifically asked, I can't tell you why it's wrong

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