Does this image processing work?


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Jun 19, 2013
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HI, there

Hope this is right place to seek help about C#.NET programming .Im currently working on image processing. AND I found image manipulating lib in C#.NET via Google.I tried its image resize component and followed the guide.but failed in my Visual Studio come? any help is appreciated.

If you rang a mechanic and said "my car's not working, how come" would you expect him to be able to tell you? I would think not, yet you are relying on our having some special psychic abilities with regards to your code. If it didn't work then, most likely, you did it wrong. If we don't know what you did then we don;t know what you did wrong. Explain what you did, including RELEVANT code, and explain what happened, including error messages and locations, and then we might be able to help.
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