Experience of pick up C# development again


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Nov 27, 2014
Programming Experience

I had programming experience in C#2.0 (Winform, .Net framework 2.0) but quitted the industry for years and now plan to go back to be a GUI developer. Recently I have tried to pick up C# again and read a lot of tutorial online. I found out that many code samples online were written long time ago. For example, using Delegate already has a number of ways ( different syntax ) from C# 2.0 to 5.0. It is really a pain when I have learnt the v3.0 syntax yesterday (of course I don't know it was 3.0), and I see the 5.0 syntax today that I realize I spent the time of old version that may not relevant to the job market nowadays. Need not to say I still haven't started to look into WPF and those relevant technology.

Anyone had similar experience and could give me suggestion ?
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