FaultTrack: A modern bug tracker for .NET developers on the Windows Desktop.


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Jul 25, 2012
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Hey everyone,
First let me introduce myself. My name is David Anderson, and am the founder and principal developer at DCOM Productions.

FaultTrack is a modern bug tracker for .NET developers. Whether you write in C#, Visual Basic, managed C++, or even F#, then FaultTrack is just for you. It's built for the Windows Desktop, and has a modern UI built in WPF with MVVM, uses Entity Framework supporting both MySQL and SQL Server. I'm very passionate about debugging tools, and I want to deliver the best bug tracker to the industry. It has some cool features like automated bug tracking, and a great user experience. However, it's not fully finished, which is why I've come here.

There's an existing version available that is old, and extremely simple, but lacks all the features. To finish the software, I am seeking out developers around the world to get involved with our Kickstarter project.

FaultTrack on Kickstarter:
FaultTrack: A modern desktop bug tracker for .NET Developers by DCOM Productions — Kickstarter

With everyones support and help, I can finish the software and deliver this rad new tool to developers. And everyone involved gets something out of it. I'm very passionate about this project, but I want to get it done and let developers use it. I don't know much about marketing or advertising, so I apologize if sharing in this way is not appropriate for this community. I don't really know any other ways to let people know, well, other than letting them know.

I hope you all like FaultTrack. If the Kickstarter project succeeds we can deliver the software and launch it by September 2013. Because I'm reaching out to so many people, if you have questions or comments or concerns, please contact me through my website @ Contact DCOM Productions.

I greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to read this, and I hope together we can share this information and let it be known, so we can get this great tool into the hands of developers!

David Anderson

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DCOM Productions
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