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Nov 13, 2012
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For a C# 2010 desktop application, I have a user that wants me to work with a directory path name that looks like C:\C-Received.

I am going to place the C:\C-Received in the application configuration file which is in an xml format.
I am wondering if the dash (-) that is part of the C-Received needs to have any special characters around it since the value will be contained in an xml file?
If so, what special characters do I need to place around the '-' dash?

Also can you point me to the reference that shows which characters in an xml file need special characters around them to be recognized?
I would suggest that you add the value via the Settings page of the project properties and then access it via Properties.Settings.Default in code. If any special characters are present then that will handle them for you.

Any particular reason that you couldn't just search the web for a list of special characters for yourself? I just did and the first match had what you need. It took about 5 seconds all up. If you're not prepared to try a simple web search yourself when you have a question then you'll never get much done
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