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Nov 7, 2011
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Hello, comrades!
I have a problem, I make an application for which you want to make the service monitoring of files and folders for a particular folder.Information changes to send to the server to download new files, rename, or change existing, etc. The fact that the component using FileSystemWatcher, come to notice about creating, modifying, renaming and deleting temporary files when you open and edit files, Word, Exel,. Rar, Zip. The server does not need to notify the establishment of any debris, and removal, etc. Can anyone else encountered this problem? Tell me how you can organize such a service?? I tried on the attributes of files, but files created have the attribute of the archive. One idea is to find out id application that creates the file and thus keep track of his actions ... but how to find out what the process create a folder I do not know. I am writing an application in C #.
If a program creates temporary files in current folder during editing it not uncommon that Hidden attribute is set for that file.

To watch for folder changes add NotifyFilters.DirectoryName.

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