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Mar 13, 2019
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Hi there

I have a program that displays a background picture and I want to set a small area of that picture as when I click in that area with the mouse to display an other small picture in an other place over the background picture, and then when i click again in that area, to hide the small picture that displayed with the previous click.

With other words that area that i want to be active on click has nothing to do with the picture that i want to appear and disappear, is in another place.

Help here guys

You would need to handle the MouseClick event of the appropriate control, determine whether the location of the click was in the area of interest (using the e parameter), then do as desired if it is. If you want to display an Image, you can either have a PictureBox in the desired location and then Show and Hide it as required, or you can use GDI+ to draw on the appropriate control in its Paint event handler.
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