Question How can i design a form like access form


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Jul 24, 2016
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i am using Microsoft access and C# to build an accounting software
But i got a problem when i want to design a production order form With some function such as go to new record , next record , last record and print this form .
This is form i design on access

This is A4 form and it can print it one by one .

What tool i should use to make it?
Please help me
If you're making this in .Net, you don't need the input form to look like what you would fill out on a piece of paper like what you've created in Access.
What I would do is make a standard form (either a WinForms or WPF project), you can have the logo(s) and the form number and stuff on your .Net form as well, but don't worry about making it look like a piece of paper, let it work like a program.
Then when they click the "print" button or menu item what you do is use the PrintDocument object to take that information and put it on a nicely formatted piece of paper. This will require you knowing how to use GDI+ to draw all of the text and the images, be aware of multiple pages, and everything is drawn using 1/100th of an inch as you'll need to do some math to figure out placement. As you're building this print out stuff, you can use the PrintPreview control to display it on the screen rather than printing it to actual paper every time.

There are numerous examples of using the PrintDocument control via Google searching, I'd suggest following through a couple of them to get the hang of it before tackling this.
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