how do you post code?


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Dec 15, 2011
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I have a new question how do you post code in the format it suppose to be in I can't figure out the xcode stuff
I have some code but I think its hard to read the way I posted it I feel pretty lame not knowing how to do a html tag
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From the forum FAQ: Reading and Posting Messages
There you'll also find a link to BB code list with examples.
Simplest in my opinion is to use the editor buttons for formatting, clicking them will insert/surround text with BB codes for you.
If you use the xcode button you get a dialog for parameter inputs, this parameter will be c# as can be seen in the BB code examples.
Note that there are no code formatting buttons in the Quick Reply editor, click 'Reply To Thread' button or 'Go Advanced' to get a better posting editor, as per your forum options preference.
You can preview posts before posting them to see if they are formatted properly.
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