How to detect when client delete license file desktop app ?


Jan 22, 2014
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I working on desktop application windows desktop made by csharp

I make license file have period of license as 30 day and start date and computer mac address

my issue is clients delete license file so desktop app start as first day after delete this file

so how to prevent users from delete license file

or with another way how to make my app detect that file created before and deleted so can't open my app
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My Short Answer is, Write it in to a Licence.dll and require the main form when it loads that is requires the dll and reads required License with in the DLL, so if the DLL is deleted then the Program Won't Load as you can have some of the main functions in their also like core elements and if the License Doesn't match the Main programs license well program won't load, theirs many ways to achieve this, Just Imaging it up and then try to code it.

Yours ProtekNickz :).
Write it in to a Licence.dll
How will that work if the DLL is AuthentiCode signed? Won't modifying the file break the signature? Or do people not sign their binaries anymore when releasing to market?
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