Question How to open new outlook mail with a button form


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Aug 19, 2015
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Dear all!
Nice to meet you, I am new on this forum.

Hope with your help to learn a lot on c#.
I am very beginner on c#.

I need your help for a project that I am thinking to do, but I am a bit stuck and I don't know where to start.

I would like to create a windows form with some element "TextBox" where i have some input as firse name, last name ecc..
and a "Button" Send, where, when I click, it must open a new email on Outlook, and copy on the text all the info I want.

If someone is a pro can you please direct me on how to do it please. Or maybe indicates me if there is a nice tutorial on web.

Thank you in advance,

you sincere regards,
Newbreaker12 :tennis:
Look up "mailto" url, you can call it with Process.Start. This is simple and has limitations on what you can put in new email, it will open in default mail program.

For more advanced uses targeting Outlook specifically you can use office automation.
Hello JohnH,
thank you for you quick answer.

I arrived to open a new send mail and copy some data.

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("mailto:" + "" + "?subject=This is a subject" + "&body=this is my body")

Now, I am trying to understand how can I target Outlook BODY.
Put some specific text on bold and other text after some specific space.
In simple I am trying to create a TEMPLATE :joyous:
Html body is not possible with mailto protocol, only plain text.
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