Question How to read data form access db and show it in form?


Sep 14, 2017
Programming Experience
I have an access db table name tblUser and its has three fields 1) UserID 2) Password 3) UserLevel
I have tow forms 1) Login form 2) Main Form
I want to show userID an userlevel in main form from db after login.
How can i do that.
My login form works fine but i want to show userID and UserLevel in main form after login. I need it to need to enable or disable some control for userlevel.
You say that you can login fine so that means that you know how to perform a query. You simply get the values you want from that query and then do with them whatever it is you want. Maybe you should show us what you're already doing so that we can provide help on how to work with that rather than explaining from scratch and probably having to change what we suggest later when you tell us that what we suggested won't work with what you already have.
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