Question How to style the appbar buttons in an 8.1 universal app


Oct 8, 2013
Programming Experience
I'm working on my first universal app. Its astronomy related and I thought a nice feature would be to offer the option for a 'night mode' where the entire screen goes from white foreground/black background to red foreground/black background. The only thing I can't get to change is the actual AppBar buttons - and its not the whole button. I can get actual glyph to change to red, its the button outline that stays white. I suspect there is a style I can apply but I can't figure this out. This is my first attempt at XAML and I'm just not seeing how to do this.

I've Googled (and Bing'd just to get alternate results) it find all kinds of references to doing it in regular 8.0 store apps but the AppBar in 8.1 removed some of the (obvious) styling. I can cheat and just provide red versions of the icons themselves and I'm about ready to go that route but thought I'd give it one more try and ask here.

Anyone have any experience applying a style to the AppBar in an 8.1 universal app?
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