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Apr 23, 2014
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Hello gays O am working my final year project on fingerprint attendance system and I want to connect a fingerprint scanner in to SQL database and also I want to match the template in the database with the given fingerprint from the scanner. any body help me how to insert the fingerprint scanner image in to sql database and how to match those fingerprint image.Any one know the code pleas post to me. Thank you
Saving and loading the image is quite easy:

Saving Images in Databases

Matching a scanned fingerprint with a stored image is orders of magnitude more complicated. Any hardware designed for that purpose is going to come with existing software and that software would have taken a development team a long time to perfect. Noone is just going to post a few lines of code for you. If you have software for the hardware then read the documentation for it. It's for you to write the code because it is your project after all. If you have issues along the way then by all means ask us for help but it's not for us to do your work for you.

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