Interacting with websites without a webbrowser


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Nov 16, 2013
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So I want to interact with the website Google without using the webbrowser control. Is it possible? If it is possible, here is my problem.
I want to search via Google and open the first webpage of the result.
So in more detail: In my program, there will be a textbox, where the user will enter the keywords they want to search. After that the user will press a button for the search to begin. After the button is pressed, the program goes to Google and enters the keywords provided by the user and presses the search button (There is no need for the user to see any of this). After that the program needs to click the first link and provides the content of that website. Remember, all this needs to be done without a webbrowser control.
Thanks, hope someone can help me out.
You can use the WebClient class to perform web operations in code. If you need more control than it offers then you can use the WebRequest class. I'm not sure whether Google provides a web service option as an alternative to its search engine web site but, if not, then you'll have to use screen-scraping, i.e. parse the HTML you get back via one of the aforementioned classes. I'd probably suggest using the HTML Agility Pack for that part.
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