Question Menu created using sitemap is not working as needed


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May 15, 2012
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I have created a horizontal menu using sitemap using .NET 4.0 and c#. Subitems of each menu item are populated from SQL server database. Each of that data are urls (pointing to some website). I am facing many problems but it would be great if atleast one of these problems are resolved.
1. When I hover the menu and click the menu sub item the webpage related to the url is opening in same window but I want it to be opened in new tab/window. I tried but it is opening as a popup which would be blocked by popup blockers which I want to avoid.
Once the menu sub item is clicked I have MenuItem_click event triggered and server side code is processed where the count for that particular url is stored in the database so may be because of this server side processing target="_blank" didn't work
2. If I try to open menu subitem by right clicking and open new window it is opening another copy of my webpage but not the target url that is the subitem of the menu. ( say if the menu is in and trying to open submenu item with right click and new window another copy of is opening not
3.If I have 100 submenu items in the menu then to select the bottom one I have to scroll the page by that time the submenu is closed as my mouse pointer is used to scroll the window. How to make the menu subitems scrollable if it is below the page?
4. My menu is working fine in Firefox, Chrome and latest versions of IE but not on IE7. On IE7 as I have many menu items my menu has continued to many lines so if I hover on the top menu item I can see submenu items but for selecting one of them when I hover onto the submenu items it is overlapping with the below menu item and opening its submenu how to make it work.
I am struggling with these for quite sometime, please help.
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