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Nov 13, 2012
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I need to take the main parts of a C# 2008/2010 console application and turn it into a thin client for the web in visual studio 2010. I will describe the current C# 2008/2010 application and then I would describe what I would like to do with a 'new version (clone) of the 'second' program.

The current application and that will not be modified does the following:

1. A driver program (C# 2010 desktop/console) calls the 'second' program with parameters it needs for the particular run.
2. The second program calls a web service that is supported by another company to upload and download documents from the web service.

The 'new version (clone) of the 'second' program:

1. The new version of the 'second'program listed above will do the following:
a. A user will access a C# 2010 web form page to enter client number, point to a directory path of where files are located that need to be uploaded to the web service, and click a submit button,
b. The web app will then use the 'existing code' it copies from the progam listed above to load documents to the web service and receive a repsonse fromn the web service.
I would like to kknow how to complete the following tasks:
1. how to setup the C# 2010 web form from scratch? Would the code point to a web server or a peron's workstation?
2. Would I use something like patterns & practices - Smart Client Guidance - Home?
3. How would I copy parts of the existing code that I need to reference?
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