open Browser with POST parameters

Feb 19, 2018
Programming Experience
I have to create an application which restricts a user according to his PC, i have created a winform which takes mac address of a user, validates it and store the details in his registery.

Next time when he opens the winforms application it checks his registery values and current mac address and if correct opens firefox

  string url = "" + empid + "&b=" + GetMACAddress() + "&c=" + key + "&d=" + code+"&r="+ result;
  System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("firefox.exe", url);

(i have encrypted the parameters as well)

issue is the url is passing parameters as querystring which is visible to the user, what some users are doing is opening the url as soon as firefox is opening (before my page fully loads up) and pasting it to other PC and opening the browser.

Is there any way i can call the browser and pass the parameters as POST.
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