Question Parsing XML (DTSX file) into row/column database format


Apr 23, 2017
Programming Experience
I'm trying to find the easiest way I can parse an SSIS dtsx file into some database tables. I'm trying to write a tool that will allow easier debugging of SSIS packages.

Out of frustration, I just started writing my own text based parser, but has to be something better.

I only know a little about XML, and nothing about XQuery, XSLT, etc. I did write a second parser that uses XMLReader, but its just a linear read, and sometimes the variables that define the block are later in the block, forcing me to save preceding values into variables until I know what type of record I'm going to be writing.

I've see some things where an XML file is loaded into one column in a SS database, then some querying is done off of that, but the language used to query it is daunting at the moment.

So what is my easiest shot at doing this?
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