Question Program stops running till I recompile


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Sep 17, 2018
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This problem I have only with C#
I wrote a program, that works fine for a few months, then it stops running outputting errors, till I recompile it with VS without any change in code.
Then it works again for a few months.
Someone has a clue?
Aren't executables written on C# valid till something start to be incompatible and require some code change?
Why I need to recompile the same code on the same VS version for the program to work again?
it stops running outputting errors

But you figured that the details of those errors couldn't possibly be useful in diagnosing the issue? One possible conclusion is that the issue is something that builds up over time, e.g. memory consumption, but we have no way of knowing whether that is the case or what the specifics might be if you keep all the relevant details a secret. That still doesn't explain why a recompile would be required but, based on the information you have provided, all we can tell you is that that is not normal. To do any sort of diagnosis we need information about the symptoms.
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