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Mar 29, 2012
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This is a question on a past exam paper and I was wondering if someone could explain exactly what the question means?

Discuss the role of the InitializeComponents method of the class Form derived classes in a C# WinForms application

I know InitializeComponents adds the code to the program like for example when you add a button onto the form and a derived class is any class that inherits from any other derived class or base class.

So is the question just asking me to discuss the InitializeComponents method of a derived class?

I'm not asking anyone to answer the question for me, just please explain it in simple terms.

It's just asking you the purpose of the method, and that purpose is to create, configure and add all the controls and components that you add in the WinForms designer. We often talk about controls being added "in the designer" or added "in code" but, in actual fact, code is the only way to do anything. Any actions that you perform in the designer are translated into code by the designer and the InitializeComponent method is where most of the code goes.
ok thanks but what does it mean from derived classes?
I like a already said does the question just asking to discuss the InitializeComponents method of a derived class?
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