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Sep 29, 2020
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I have to develop an application where i have to access service now tickets. The application should access certain types of tickets and ignore the rest. Is it possible in c# to connect to service now tickets?

Secondly, how to connect to the database that resides on AWS or any other cloud platform? We have to use APIs or we can directly connect using like we do with the database that resides locally?

Thank you.
As I recall, Service Now has some web services. I think they are REST-ful APIs, but they maybe still SOAP web services. That all depends on the Service Now admins for your company to open up the web services though. (sadly the company I work for refused when we asked for it for our instance.) Web services are language agnostic so you should be able to access them using C#.

For connecting to a database hosted in the cloud, it should still be the same. Just provide the IP address of the server in the cloud, instead of the machine name unless your DNS infrastructure points to the correct IP address. As an aside, exposing database naked on the Internet is typically a bad idea, and it is better to have a web service sitting in front of the database.
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