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Jun 29, 2016
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1) I have a Web Application built in AngularJS for UI and C# for the backend, working TFS built in database.
2) The web application was up and running and the original developer left the team
3) I am trying to deploy this working application on a different WebServer and use my credentials in the default application pool on IIS.

In this overall setup, when I try to use the URL from the web browser or do a "browse" from within IIS management console, I get the error "Response 404, not found".

My understanding is, the client (browser) is able to talk to the Server, but, the server is not able to fetch what the browser is asking for. And I localise the issue cause as the new user ID (myself) is not able to talk to the underlying TFS built-in database. Am I correct in assuming the cause? Could there be other causes? If my interpretation is correct, how do I resolve 404 error? Please share your thoughts

thank you
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