run exe from within a form, and keep the exe within the boundaries of that form.


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Oct 12, 2017
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I want to run an exe or two from inside a windows form. now, i have found a few examples of these on this board, but, I want to be able to keep the exe inside the boundary of the actual form I create in C#. I am using Visual Studio 2013.

thanks very much for your help,
Kevin Rea
Lancaster, Calif. USA
You'll be able to find examples of this around so I won't write another one. You can run the EXE by calling Process.Start. You'll then have a Process object. That object MainWindowHandle property, which will have a value if the process actually does have a main window. You can then invoke the SetParent function from the Windows API to make your form or a control on your form the parent of that main window.
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