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Aug 29, 2014
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Hi to all...

I have wrote a little code in windows forms which opens a website in the web browser module. With a click on button1 it fills the field for username and password. After this is done it generate a click event to login.


At the next side the code fills a field with a DNS name and generate a click to get a one day password.

Now comes the problem: the one day password will be generated by a JavaScript function. If the code is generated you have the possibility to copy the code into the clipboard with a link. But this is also a JS code.

I can run the CopyToClipboard function with this statement:


But this code runs only if I include it into a button event. But I want to run the code after the one day password is generated.
(After the click event fires and the one day password is generated)

Please excuse my English but is a little bit difficult for me to explain a code problem.

Greetings from Berlin.[emoji3]
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