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Jun 16, 2015
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I am new to ASP.NET. I would like to know how to create a page with a side bar, which is tree like. There are two tables with a one to many relation. So I get all records from table A that matches the Id of table B. I want to display this list in the side bar. Also, use the Create New page in the body content. Is this possible in ASP.NET? Please help.

It is, as mentioned, an ASP.NET MVC project.

Except that that's not mentioned. You have posted in the ASP.NET General forum and you mention ASP.NET twice in your first post but never MVC. ASP.NET is more than just MVC. Web Forms is also part of ASP.NET, as is Web API and more. There is a MV* forum under the ASP.NET section so that is where MVC question should be posted. Only use a General forum if your question doesn't fit into a more specific forum.
As for the question, there's no one way to do it. Unlike in Web Forms, there's no controls to add to a form so it's up to you to write the appropriate Razor, HTML and CSS code to get the effect you want. You might be able to find a jQuery plugin or the like for a tree structure but I can't recommend anything specific as I've never used on. Otherwise, you might just use a few images of your own to represent branches and nodes and use a bit of CSS to position everything. Here's the first web search I'd be using if I wanted to do that myself:
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