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Sep 28, 2014
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Hello Guys,

I start to learn C#. I'll have a silly questions, but hope will get some help.

In the book what I'm following states:

"1) On the FILE menu, point to Open, and then click Project/Solution.

2) The Open Project dialog box appears.

3) If you are using Windows 8, move to the \Microsoft Press\Visual CSharp Step By Step\ Chapter 2\Windows 8\PrimitiveDataTypes folder in your Documents folder.

4) Select the PrimitiveDataTypes solution file, and then click Open."

Question: From where I can get this solution file?? It doesn't create automatically.

What can I do?


wim sturkenboom

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Aug 6, 2014
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See if you can find it on the web? What are the title and author of the book?

Else, does the book give you the complete code? If so, you can create a new solution/project with the given name. You need to pay attention to the type of application that you create. As a rough guideline for somebody new to visual studio:
  • If the example code contains Console.ReadLine statements, it's a console application and you need to select that type.
  • If it contains things like forms, it's a Windows Forms application and you need to select that type.

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