SQLite and Entity Framework in Visual Studio 2019 ??


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Sep 25, 2019
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Hey all,

I've been scratching my head on this for the past few days...

I'm trying to get SQLite to work with Entity Framework in Visual Studio 2019. I've downloaded the correct 32 and 64 setups from sqlite.org, installed SQLite compact toolbar.

I'm using the Entity Model wizard, Database first method:
When I try to create a new data connection using the SQLite Providers (by EricEJ) it seems to work. When I click on Next to start selecting tables to use it gives me a Sqlite TypeCast error message box. I'm just plain stumped.

Any ideas how to get SQLite to work with Entity Framework in Visual Studio 2019?

Thanks for any help!
Before you go down the road of headaches, bugs, memory leak issues and constant troubleshooting problems, I am advising you to look for a different ORM. Why not try the one created by Stackoverflow; Dapper is also free and probably better. I should also warn you that there are compatibility issues with EF and SQLite. But sure, if you want to ignore the red flags you can follow these steps which should resolve this issue Problems using Entity Framework 6 and SQLite

I know I am new and the question was not mine, but that is exactly what I was searching for.
Many thanks!

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