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May 22, 2018
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Hey guys
help write a simple program for authorization with a token in visual studio
sorry for my English
Tokens are often used in web APIs, where you use one function first to authenticate in some way. This function can do various things like check user/password agains a database or perhaps validate a certificate and returns a token that you use later when calling other service functions. The other service functions can then do a much simpler check to see if the token is ok before serving the requests.
for example [video=youtube;Pm79GorbHWs][/video]
I have to insert a token into usb port and pass authentication
Um, if that is a video then presumably it tells you what to do, at least in a general sense. How about you use the information you have to do as much as you can and then ask us about specific issues? If you're talking about using a specific hardware device designed for authentication then visit the supplier's web site and see what developer resources they provide.
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