variables doesn't show up in the consol?


Oct 16, 2017
Programming Experience
Hey guys excuse me if this question seems a bit stupid but like the topic says I'm beginner and just started programing 1.

What misstake does i do when my "dsm" variables doesn't show up in the consol? I got the nr ones showed but thats about it.

Here is a picture of how i have done it, you can see the nr from 100 = 1000 but not the dsm from 10 = 30? when i hit enter the consol just disaper and does not show the rest of the numbers.

Thanks for help :)

Sorry If this is posted in the wrong forum.
Please don't post images of code. Post code. Among other things, we can then copy and paste it if we want to run it. When posting code, please post it within appropriate formatting tags for readability.

That code is going to wait for something to read after the first lot of writes and then, once it does read something, it will do the rest of the writes and then close so quickly that you won't see them. Most people tend to use Console.WriteLine to write text to the console on its own line and then Console.ReadLine to wait for the Enter key.
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