what are needed to work with web application in visual studio


Apr 24, 2015
Programming Experience

I am completely new to ASP.net. i worked before with c# windows forms but i don't know about the web. I have to make a web site. I want to know which softwares are needed to make a web site (working with c# and forms are easier for me)

thank you very much for your help
You don't need anything additional. You can simply create a new ASP.NET Web Forms or MVC project and go ahead and build it. If you're using a paid-for edition of VS then it's all built into the same IDE and if you're using VS Express then you need the Web edition.


thank you for the answer.
you mean i just need to install visual studio express?
or simple visual studio?
is visual studio free to install
because that time i could borrow it from someone.

thank you
Visual Studio Express is free. There are editions for Windows as, Windows desktop applications and Web applications. If you pay for Visual Studio Professional, Premium or Ultimate then you get the environments for all the different types of applications rolled into one IDE with some extra features thrown in too. The Express editions are generally enough for most non-professionals though. There's also the Community edition, which I think is something like Professional but is free for non-enterprise development. I've never looked into it so I don't know all the details. Students can also get Professional for free.

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