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Apr 22, 2018
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I wanted to get people's opinion on which programming language should I use to solve the following task:

We get 4 raw source files from this internal system in house system. They are saved in a specific directory as csv files containing loads of columns of data. I'm talking all the way up to columns AN if not more.
The raw source files need to be consolidated into 2 excel files.
So raw_source_file_1_A and raw_source_file_2_A needs to be combined to make one consolidated file called sourceFileA.
raw_source_file_1_B and raw_source_file_2_B needs to combined to make one consolidated file called sourceFileB.

Whatever I use to do this must also be able to perform the following operation:

1). Create an output file based on the parameters selected by the user (i.e. so if user says for example, I want columns A, B, S, Z from sourceFileA, then such file should be created). Columns will have headers/titles so user will refer to the columns using their titles.

2). The system should be capable of sending emails. More specifically, the consolidated files (i.e. sourceFileA and sourceFileB) will contain records that will have office location as one of the columns and in that column the values could possibly be Dubai, Sydney, Mumbai, London, New York etc. All the records that have "Dubai" as the office location should be sent to the "Dubai" recipient list. All the records that have "Sydney" should be sent to the "Sydney" recipient list. So we need to maintain a table of recipients that will have the first name, last name, office location and their email address. If their office location is say "Dubai" then we know to include them in the "Dubai" recipient list. I hope that makes sense.

This is a C#-oriented site so the answer is obviously C#. There are loads of programming languages that can do what you want to do. It's not really for us to tell you to use one over another.
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