Question Where should I go from basics?

Probably the two main options would be:

1. Get a book that covers some more advanced topics or topics you've covered but in greater detail. Books are less popular these days but still a good option if you can absorb them.

2. Come up with an idea for a project and try to implement it, then look for specific information, either existing or in answer to questions of forums like this, when you encounter specific issues along the way. C# programming is such a broad topic that it's hard to know what you need to know until you need to know it.
I recommend the book Essential C# 6. It is a great balance between pragmatism and completeness. If you are ok waiting, a new version covering C# 7 is coming out in May 2018: Essential C# 7.0.

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Obviously, practice is essential. I agree with jmcilhinney that is good if you pick a small project idea and start working on it.

Alternatively, you can go to a website like and you can start trying to solve katas on an increasing level of difficulty.

Happy C# learning :)

Andrea Angella
Microsoft MVP | .NET Community Lead | Senior .NET Engineer at Redgate
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