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Mar 12, 2019
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first of all, I don't know if it is feasible but I would say that once the limits of the framework have been overcome, it should be.
Below the details of the issue I'm facing, thanks in advance to anyone who might help.

I have a solution with the following projects:
- windows multithread service (main project) -> .Net Framework 4.6.1 c#

- 2 libraries -> .Net Framewrok 4.6.1 ->

- WS with Kestrel (therefore not iis) -> .Net Core 2.1 c# (which I would like to compile as a library)
NOTE: the project works if opened as standalone.

Basically, Windows service should start several threads and one of the threads should be the WS Kestrel.
When I try to add the WS reference to a dll, it says that the 2 frameworks are incompatible.

I therefore made the following test:
- WS with Kestrel -> .Net Standard 2.0 c # (ie the converted .Net Core)
NOTE: since .Net Standard is compiled as a library, I cannot test it stand alone.

It is compiled.
I add it to the solution and fill it out.
I put in the WS as a reference in a library and compile.
I recall the WS main (with a separate thread) without errors.

My questions are:
A) Is the second solution with ws with .NET Standard target framework feasible?
B) can the first solution with the ws with .NET Core target framework be added as a reference to the DLL in any way? maybe with a supplementary .Net Standard project?
C) more generally is it a feasible thing to start a thread like WS?
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