Would you use XML or database for dynamic data project


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Oct 25, 2013
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Hi, I want to integrate a list of 50-500 customer profiles of varying length into a desktop application which I am making. The dataset is typically as follows type:instance;

Client Name: Diaverrer UK
Client Number: 12345
(status 1)Client Type: DD
(status 2)Sale ID: Mid
Balance: 1234.56
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I want to update the data from a csv ouput as well as adding user/application fields for control. For instance, from one person I might get the standard customer reference & name fields along with 5 status fields and 4 financial fields, but another source may have the standard customer reference & name fields along with 2 status fields and 5 financial fields. I would like to set basic types of each fields ie customer reference, customer name, status 1, status...n, financial 1, financial ...n, notes, and several fields add by the application itself.

I understand that I might have several schemes of the data, ie Historic upload version, csv version from client application, contact details version, and saved from my application version. Any tips on handling that would be great.

The contacts dataset will have several entries potentially per customer profile above(like a foreign key) any tips here would be greatly appreciated also. looking to use XML as I want a completely standalone application.

Would someone be good enough to point me the right direction.

Thank you in advance
Andrew Day
I'd be inclined to use a database but, if you're OK with the data being in plain sight and also loading the whole lot as a batch every time you run the app then XML could do the job.
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